Payroll Services

This area of expertise manages all payroll related activities. For small or medium size businesses, we will be using traditional tools to provide you with all wages and accounting for your book keeping department. Additionally, we will also be supporting you with all legal obligations by submitting all compulsories declarations. For large companies, our services can be customized based on your need. We can either stretch our service to a 100% outsourcing module by leaving all payroll activities to our pool of experts or we reduce the level of our support according to your needs.
It is worthwhile to mention that the “outsourcing module” currently in use with our large size customers, is to delegate to our team those activities for which quality knowledge is needed. We will then measure our performance based on agreed S.L.A.( Service Level Agreement) and the agreed output.

Our Outsourcing methodology works towards a very effective payroll system in low cost scheme.