With the acquisition of the qualification as a Certified Asseverator of employment relations, Studio Majolino offers to employers the possibility of certifying the regularity of their employment relationships.

The Asse.Co (Asseveration of Conformity) is a special procedure that allows companies to certify the regularity of their employment relationships in relation to labor, social security and tax legislation. The employer who obtains the Asseveration of Conformity certifies the existence of virtuous management of the company and its human resources, positively promoting the company image and reputation on the market.

Below are some of the advantages associated with issuing this certification:

  • concrete reduction in inspection visits to employers who are in possession of certification: the inspection activity promoted by the competent bodies of the Ministry of Labor will take into account the “certified” companies in the definition of the checks, orienting itself more towards companies that are not in possession of the sworn statement;
  • this certification may be used in the context of private tenders for the purposes of verifying the regularity of companies and the inspection staff takes this into account in the context of any inspections;
  • higher score in participation in public and private tenders.


Companies interested in obtaining the certification of conformity can request it through Studio Majolino, because We have the qualification of Certified Asseverator and can handle the management of the entire certification procedure.

The Asseveration of Conformity is issued by the National Council of the Order of Labor Consultants within 30 days of the request and will be valid for one year.

We suggest to ask for a preventive analysis of your company and labor law situation, in order to also verify the asseverability of the company and the existing employment relationships, as well as evaluate any corrective actions in order to favor the future company certification process.