Human Resources

The human resources team manages the payroll cycle according to the client’s input.
An appropriate level of outsourcing for small and medium sized companies is discussed in relation to the client’s needs. We often provide the client’s staff with training in order to increase their skills and we reorganise the company to make it as economically viable and as efficient as possible.
For the larger companies on the other hand, Studio Majolino offers its clients the full potential of its web platform for fully outsourcing the management of the workforce. These systems use cutting edge technology, which more and more companies are interested in.
Finding a balance for the right level of outsourcing requires great skill and experience and this is precisely what experts in the field can do.
These days, every company strongly feels the need for support in terms of post-payroll data and reports. The top management of any company would be happy to receive data regarding the workforce, forecasts and final reports every month. Creating all this requires an excellent relationship with the clients and perception of their needs, which only the best specialists are able to offer.