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studio majolinoStudio Majolino is a Labor consultancy service that provides a totally integrated support to a wide range of market key players such as large corporations, no profit organizations and self employed.

Aiming to provide our customers with high standard services, we provide ad- hoc advices as well as long terms partnership including reviews of the end to end process in achieving specific outcomes.

Due to a fully integrated international partnership, we can also support all our customers in other geographical matters which represent an added value for all our counterparts.

Adriano Majolino
studio majolinoLabor Senior Advisor, expert on labor related issues including Tax, payrolls, relationships, with Union etc. As a member of ISPER, he collaborates with other consultancy firms, universities and research institutions, teaching mostly labor related courses . He is also free-lance journalist and cooperates on a regular basis with Italian major economic and financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 ore”.